Leading teams- Lessons from the Todd Worrell experience

Today I had the unique opportunity to hear sports great Todd Worrell share his thoughts on functioning well in the work place.   That really was not the title of his discussion, but it should have been.  We got to hear about his life, his work, his beliefs and his future.

Whether or not the group had the same beliefs from a faith perspective as Todd, the takeaways were worth sharing with the world.  If you have followed any of my (very few) blog posts, you know I am passionate about leadership development and feel the world has too few good leaders.  My goal is to share good information and bring the passion back into the leadership world.  A lot of what Todd had to say will help you lead with tact and diplomacy, whether you are in a formal leadership role or not.  I have taken the liberty of paraphrasing and adding some comments.  Enjoy!

1) Motivation is relational-that is how God designed it.  We were designed to be in relationship with others.

2) Respect and integrity are part of a person

3) You should ask yourself if you really want to play for your manager.  If not, you will not do well, no matter how great YOU are.

4)    Stand behind the people you believe in no matter what.  This means standing behind them even when they are struggling.  Give them the opportunity to figure things out.

5) Motivation has an element of responsibility and accountability.  If someone does not have these, it’s a different issue.

6) Understand that slumps happen

7) Some people are NOT motivated by a kick in the butt.  Sometimes that shuts people down.  The leaders who do this are not relational people. This tactic works for the few but not for the many.

8) DO NOT wear out your great people

9) Do not put people in the wrong place

10) Make it clear to people that you have a vision for the team and then make it clear to each individual their role in this vision. Oh, and if YOU picked the wrong spot for them, change it so they can be successful.

11) Some people filter high pressure well and others do not.

12) Tell the truth about performance success and failure

13) Always play to the player’s best fit and help them work on their struggles

14) You do not have to like everyone in the locker room but you DO have to respect them. This means that some people will leave and that is ok

15) Real motivation comes from passion.  Is your job providing a place for you to do what you do best?

16) Never apologize for your faith- motivation is temporary and it is connected to what you believe in.

17) Do not be afraid of the underdog position because it provides opportunity for what can happen next.

Any idea what you are going to do next?  I know I have plenty to think about!  Go forth and lead with passion!



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