Monthly Archives: June, 2014

My Child My Boss

The Millennials are coming!  The Millennials are coming…run…hide…they’ll take your job or worse…they will be your boss! The Millennial worker is underestimated by many of their elders.  If they are not underestimated they are feared or minimally intriguing.  These “kids” born between the late 1970s and early 2000s are taking over the workplace. We fear …

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T*R*U*S*T – Takes Practice

“It takes 20 years to build a relationship and five minutes to ruin it.”– Warren Buffett Trust. The word alone strikes a chord in people whenever it is mentioned. The response to discussions about trust are usually emotional and passionate. But wait a minute, isn’t trust something that is black and white? You either trust …

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Everything I know about Monday I learned from my Mommy

Buzz Buzz Buzz….It’s Monday morning and the beginning of the work week.  Are you jumping out of bed ready to get the day started or are you reaching over to hit the snooze button? Your reaction likely has to do with how your office environment makes you feel and whether or not you have meaningful …

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