TL:DR and I am bored in class

I spend a lot of time with Millennials.  You could say they are a hobby of mine. My biggest challenge is creating a learning environment where people are not bored. In fact, after a course I recently taught, one of my Millennial co-workers explained to me the difference in our approach to things.  It taught me a lot and went a little something like this:

Coworker: “I have finally figured out the difference between our approach to things!”

Loren: “Do tell.”

Coworker: <Slams a water bottle on the table> “This water bottle is a building and it’s our job to knock it down.  I am all like where’s the bulldozer? <insert crashing and blowing up noises here> But you, you are all like: <takes a step back and a deep breath> “Hmmm, which way will it fall? Who will it impact? Where will the dust go? And I am still all like WHERE’S THE BULLDOZER?”

This was an interesting moment for me, an opening into a conversation about how much learning has changed over the past 10+ years. We spent a lot of time discussing the influence of social media, the instant gratification needs of new young learners and how to avoid the TL;DR (for you non Millenials that means too long; didn’t read).  We talked about the importance of quick hits, 10 minute modules and small bite readings (like tweets or texts). This got me thinking about the concept of the flipped classroom and how trainers, teachers and instructors can enhance learning rather than forcing people to go at  a prescribed pace, by using social media platforms to meet students where they are or to create situations where students can do more collaborative learning.

I’m just branching out with this, but here are my initial thoughts.  Feel free to add more in the comments.

Flipped Classrooms: eLearning Platforms, You Tube, Brain Shark

Lesson reflections: journaling or blogging on line (using Word Press or Black Board, or even a shared Google Doc)

Sharing project work via Pinterest or Instagram with their classmates

Collaborating with Google Hangouts

What ideas do you have? Leave a comment.




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