Hello world!

Hello world,

I have decided to start a blog. Why you ask?  Because I believe in managing people with tact and diplomacy all the time. Unfortunately this does not happen often.  My ultimate goal in this endeavor is to marry the understanding of human resources and business thinking and to supply information to people about the process of leadership, change management and how to work with people who are not just like you.

I have been lucky in my career. I have had the opportunity to sit on the business side where leaders think that HR folks live in Candyland and their way of thinking won’t work.  I have also been on the Human Resources side of the house, frustrated with the way the business went about things without actually considering retention, engagement, or the actual resources of the humans.

I have worked with people who subscribe to Six Sigma methodologies and those who believe that the only way to manage projects is with a PMP. This is one place where I have a significant opinion.  While the Six Sigma process is great at identifying the waste and streamlining processes, the PMP folks are ultimately goal focused.  In the end, it’s truly about companies making money for their shareholders.  No matter which focus you align yourself with, it’s important to note that people are often left out of the mix.

This blog is going to focus on people first!  You might agree with what you hear from me and you might have your own opinion.  Either way, I am open to hearing your thoughts.  I am a firm believer that we all have something to learn from someone else and that the best leaders are those who can change their minds when given new information.

Here’s to you, reader, I hope you enjoy and comment as we go along this journey.